Cookie Making 101


1.       Parchment Paper (not wax paper) is a cookie maker’s best friend. Use it to line your pans for no stick easy clean up. Each sheet can be used two or three times depending on how sticky your cookies are. Precut several extra pieces for quick change outs in the middle of baking nothing sucks more than having to stop and cut more paper.

2.       Margarine vs butter. So you may notice that many of the recipes I used in my holiday cookies call for butter or margarine, in ALL cases I used margarine with one exception being the Mom’s Butter Cookies those you MUST use butter with. I also think if/when I make shortbread cookies again I will for sure use butter.

Gluten free cookies.

Here are some thoughts and observations on these cookies.

1.       Raw gluten free cookie dough is just plain gross don’t eat it and NEVER give it to the kids they will not touch those cookies if they do.

2.       The dough seems to be pasty/glue like/rubbery when raw. I don’t know how else to explain it but it does not look or feel at all like regular cookie dough, however once cooked it firms up and looks/tastes and “feels” fine in your mouth so I guess it is all good.

3.       All my current recipes (gluten free) have been converted from regular oil based cookie recipes. I was lucky enough to find Bob Mill’s All Purpose Flour Mix. It is already mixed and perfect for making things like cakes, muffins and cookies. You can for sure mix your own gluten free flour.
For each of these recipes I simply replaced the regular flour for the Bob Mills and added ¼ tsp of xanthan gum to them and followed the recipe exactly otherwise.

4.       Gluten free dough tends to get sticky real fast, be sure to work quickly with your dough. For this reason I suggest only making a single batch of cookies at a time, if you need more then start a second batch after the first ones have been finished.

5.       Lastly with gluten free recipes I have noticed a need to reduce the cooking time, sometimes just by a few minutes and sometimes in half. Keep an eye on them and if in doubt do a test bake of a single cookie so you don’t end up ruining a whole pan full of them.



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