Big Balls on Leftover Friday

Today’s leftover Friday post is brought to you by Big Balls, not the red ones on Wipeout but the yummy ones with mashed potatoes and cheese.

When I make mashed potatoes I often make lots of extras, most times I have a plan for them and so they get used up in a day or so and I’ve saved myself time and work, but this week I just made extra so I could use up the potatoes that were beginning to grow little extra babies.

I remembered from my childhood the potato pancakes my mom used to make but of course those are made from raw grated potatoes and since we were dealing with cooked mashed types I had to come up with a new plan.

So here is what I did.

1. place mashed potatoes in a large bowl, add some cheese (really any kind you have on hand is good, I just put in a handful each of Parmesan and old Cheddar. Mix.

2. while potatoes are still cold scoop and roll into balls. The size depends on how much leftovers you have but I made my fairly large.

3. place some milk into a small bowl (if you wanted to go dairy free here you could use a lactose free milk, or two eggs beaten) and in a shallow dish place some bread crumbs. I spice my bread crumbs with our favorite seasoning, you should do the same.

4. roll your balls gently in the milk with one hand and place in the crumbs, using your other hand (if you only use on hand in the crumbs and one in the milk you prevent super gluey fingers) roll your balls in the bread crumbs.

5. repeat step 4, it adds a super nice extra crunch. (at this stage you can return them to the fridge until you are ready to bake them)

6. bake in oven at 400 for 20 minutes or so (stick a tooth pick in the center to make sure it comes out hot to be sure they are done)

7. remove and eat.

And that is it. Big Balls. Your kids will love the name, you will love getting rid of leftovers and everyone will think you slaved over them. Oh and special note, I was originally going to deep fry these guys but then I saw how well the bread crumbs held and decided to go the healthy route and just back them, the crust the crumbs formed was perfect and no one missed all the oil of deep frying.

Next time I plan to add a little hot peppers to it and make Jalapeno-Cheese Big Balls. The verity is endless.

We hope you enjoy your own version of Big Balls!


Leftover Friday

So it is Friday and growing up in our home Fridays were not a very happy food day. You see on Fridays my father took over the cooking of dinner. Now on the surface this may sounds like a wonderfully progressive thing for a man to do, sadly we did not see it that way. In fact it was the one day a week we all worked very hard to be somewhere else for dinner.

The reason for this is simple, dinner was gross on Fridays. My father would dig out my mother’s huge cast iron frying pan and toss in anything that was left over in our fridge.

Now I know you are thinking “what’s so bad about that?” Well let me explain. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. He would mix stuff like left over pasta with beef stew along with one dried pork chop and Monday nights fries. There were no rules everything got tossed into that pan and we were expected to eat it.

To this day I still get anxious if my food touches on it’s plate, I suspect that is the root of that little phobia. In theory I don’t mind leftovers, in fact I make them all the time, I just tend to do it with a little something special.

And so I will endeavor to present you with new and fun way to use your leftovers. I will not promise a weekly post, but as I make/invent new leftover creations I will post them.

Our first leftover post uses some left over Oreo Cookie Bread that I made last week (I will be posting more on that bread later). It did not turn out as well as I would have liked. It was eatable but we just did not like it as much as some of my other sweet breads so I decided to use the rest of the loaf up and make french toast with it.


2 eggs (you may need more depending on how many slices you have, we had only 5)

1/4 cup milk

2 tbsp of sugar

1 tbsp Cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together in a shallow dish. Soak bread in mixture for a few seconds on both sides then drop into a hot pan which has been oiled. Flip after a few seconds (or longer if pan is not hot enough), brown on both sides.

Place on a plate and add a pad of butter. I served mine with raspberry syrup, whip cream and fresh raspberries, but feel free to dress yours up with your favorite flavors.

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