Monkeying Around

So even Kitchen Goddesses need help from time to time when things get boring in the kitchen. Over the holidays I took a little help from our families favorite monkey Ross the Sockmonkey. We decided it was time to make Mom’s Butter Cookie because there are time when no other cookie will do.

Here is the recipe and some great photos of my little helper. Who knew a monkey could be so handy in the kitchen.

Mom’s Butter Cookies

(Do yourself a favor and just bake a double batch of these, even if you freeze them they WILL disappear as these cookies are just as yummy cooked as they are frozen.)

1 cup of butter {must be butter}
1/2 cup of icing sugar
1 egg yolk (I’ve used the full egg with no noticable differences.)
2 cups of flour

cream butter add sugar and egg yolk
slowly add flour
roll in to balls press down with a fork
add cherry on top (I often leave this step out or add sugar or food coloring instead this is really more decorative then necessary.)
bake at 350 till slightly brown
cool a few minutes before removing from pan


And now for the Monkeying Around.













Remember when the kitchen is getting you down, invite a friend for a few hours and you may rediscover your love of cooking. Thanks always to my monkey buddy for sharing an afternoon of fun with me.











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