Buy in Bulk Save the Difference

Today’s post is about ways to save money, we all need to and want to do it.

I will provide some great money saving tips that I use all the time and include a sweet water-resistant label idea courtesy of our friends over at Card Tricks.

Our first tip is the one that will save you the most money. It may seem easy but it works. Make a list! Never just go into a grocery store. Not even if you are going for a few items. A list will keep you out of the isles that you don’t need to enter.

When I make my grocery list I organize it in the isles of the grocery store. I put all my products together, first meats, frozen foods and then fruit and veggies, dairy and lastly dry goods. This makes it very easy for me to find what I need and I am not forever running back to different isles because I needed something on my list that I did not notice when I was over there. For a copy of the word document that I use please  Click Here.

The other money saver that we do in our home is a two week menu. I sit down and decide what we want to eat over the next two weeks. I keep a master list of dishes, and we always have our standards that we eat at least once every two weeks. Then when I am making up my grocery list I buy ONLY what we need. It allows me to make sure I am not over buying plus it allows for easy diners. I put up a list above the freezer and every day I check off what we eat so everyone knows what is left for options. I do NOT assign a date for each food, just that those are the available meals for that week span. I also always leave one blank day for eating out or ordering in. This tip will not only save you money but it will allow you to eat much healthier.

Lastly because I am saving so much money  by only buying what we need I can afford to buy in bulk when things come on sale. We love our chicken breast but they can be pricey, so I wait for them to go on sale. I know we will eat them at least 4 or 5 times in a two week span so it never goes to waste. I also put a line in our budget just for sales on things like EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and flour and other bake goods. These sales can randomly happen and having an extra $20 in your budget for a good deal is always nice to have.

Speaking of EVOO and buying it in bulk that brings me to this great tip/trick. As I buy oil in bulk it means a huge bottle/jug which can be unwieldy at the best of times and when measuring for baking it is down right impossible. So I began keeping smaller bottles on hand to pour the oil into. I discovered by sheer accident that if you put in one of those alcohol pouring spout like this one . It allows me to easily control the amount of pour while giving me an easy to use bottle. I just top the bottle up when I need more oil and I am good to go.

But what about the label trick I spoke of, well here is the general gist of it.

“As many before us, Moose and I have been captured by the siren’s call that is Costco. As a result, we have been known to buy olive oil in two litre containers. Since I’m tired of having that huge jug on our counter, I decided to use an old condiment bottle instead. To jazz up the bottle a bit, a label seemed in order. But how to make a label that wouldn’t get ruined by any spilled drops of oil or any random cooking splatters? The answer came in the form of self-laminating sheets from our local office supply store. Now the bottle is adorned with a water resistant label that can be wiped off as needed.”

For full instructions and illustrations please visit Card Tricks Easy water-resistant bottle labels.

And that folks is it for today’s entry, join us for Leftover Fridays where we will explore the world of Big Balls!


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