So I know the internet is packed full of blogs about cooking, but I find myself needing a place to record my many adventures in the world of cooking and so I have done the predictable thing and started just another cooking blog.

I have always had a passion for cooking right from that very first pot of clumped together pasta that I proudly served to my family, to my current obsession with feeding anyone who walks through my door regardless of their special dietary needs.

This blog will generally focus on whatever cooking passion that tickles me at the moment I assure you that if you stick around you will find something here to tickle you too.

I plan to share all my failures and successes, along with tips and tricks to help you in your own adventures in the kitchen. I will try and provide ways you can include your family and friends in the process of cooking and help each other discover the joys of the kitchen.

So grab a cup of tea, pull out a notepad, sit back and enjoy the ride. At the end awaits something truly yummy, or if not you will at least have something funny to share with your friends and family while you sit around the order in pizza box.


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